Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Team For Kasey Kahne In 2011

Kasey Kahne of Richard Petty Motorsports has signed a deal to be a new addition to Hendricks motorsports for the 2011 Sprint Cup Series season. There is no word of which car he will drive, but speculations have him seated in the 5 car that Mark Martin is currently driving. Marks contract has him driving the 5 car through the 2011 season which is why its unclear what car he will take over. Hendricks Motorsports doesn't have any other cars available, but note that the organization has had as many as 5 cars lined up for one season. Hendricks could get permission from Nascar to add a 5th car to the 2011 season giving Mark Martin his final season on his contract with Hendricks. This would also come to the advantage of Kahne, having 4 of the best teammates in Nascar (J. Gordon, J. Johnson, Earnhardt Jr., M. Martin), This would help for him to get the support of Martin and the respect of Jr., Johnson and Gordon. Kahne has driven the 9 car since he entered the series back in 2004 and maybe this change could help him further his career. All of Nascar and the Fans of Nascar will be looking forward to seeing Kasey Kahne Drive for Hendricks in 2011 along with the other Hendricks drivers. The 2011 season will be a good one for Nascar.

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