Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nascar To Think About Change Of Four Car Rule Due To Kahne

I am with Duane Cross on this topic. Kasey Kahne is really bringing some thought on a rule change and the change of the "Four Car" rule, a rule that states each team can only have a maximum of 4 cars. Alot of news talk has Kahne maybe driving for Stewart-Haus next year. Stewart has really gained alot of respect over the years in NASCAR and yes all of Stewart-Haus motors and Equipment are from Hendricks Motorsports. Hendricks and Stewart-Haus do have an alliance, but isn't that a little bit of a joke, this isn't Survivor or Real World v. Road Rules Challenge. We as fans don't want to see two teams helping eachother, we want to see competition. The way this should be looked at is if Kahne does run for Stewart-Haus next year and his statistics go up along with Sponsership and bringing money to Stewart-Haus, don't you kind of think Stewart would want Kahne to stay with the team and sure if Kahne is winning he's not going to want to leave a winning team. It's like if it isn't broken dont fix it, that's the way Kahne would have to look at it, so alliance or not this is going to bring further drama into NASCAR for the 2011 and 2012 season. As for now NASCAR is keeping the fans and press guessing.

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