Monday, April 19, 2010

1920's Tulsa Race Riot

The Tulsa Race Riot started May, 31, 1921 due to a incident the day before. Dick Rowland and African American male went to the Drexel Building and loaded a elevator that was being operated by a young Sarah Page at the time. All of a sudden a scream was heard and Rowland nervously ran from the building. He was accused of sexually assaulting Page. Another story has it that Rowland stepped on Page's foot, putting her off balance. Rowland reached out to help her and Page screamed in horror. The main place where The Tulsa Race Riot took place was Greenwood Avenue. Greenwood Avenue a busy street in the city of Tulsa was brought down during the riot. Tulsa was a State of the Art city with a mere one hundred thousand in population. A good portion of the cities African Americans resided in the District of Greenwood. A well known neighborhood that takes ownage of a couple newspapers, few churches, a branch of libraries and many black owned businesses. Greenwood today plays host to the Tulsa Drillers and ONEOK Field a modern day baseball stadium. In June of 1921, big clouds of smoke hazed over the northern regions of Tulsa. The last stand off of the conflict took place later that morning at the Standpipe Hill. As the Tulsa Tribune said, the National Guard took use of two machine guns and fired into the area. Many blacks surrendered and were disarmed. Most were taken to the Convention Hall, some to McNulty Baseball Park, others to the Fairgrounds and to flying fields. Later survivors said that planes had taken part in the destruction of the Greenwood City. In 1927, The TRRC also known as the Tulsa Race Riot Commission took place to do further investigations on the Tulsa Race Riot and what actually happened. Dr. Bob L. Blackburn was the Head of the Commission. The TRRC had a good thirteen members from different parts of the state. On November 22, 1999 in the Frances Campbell City Commission Chamber a meeting was held. The members discussed the reports of the historical findings and the Archaeological investigations. They also discussed the proposal for reparations. Today The Tulsa Race Riot of 1920 is known to be one of the worst racial violent acts in American history. The Tulsa Race Riot continues to haunt Oklahomans today. Over one thousand homes and businesses were destroyed in the process of this riot.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cubs Take First Of Three Against The Astros; 7-2

After the first ten games of the season the Cubs are 5-5. Chicago beat Houston today scoring 7 runs and only allowing 2 to the Astros. Being behind in the seventh the Cubs tied the game with two doubles back-to-back with the help of Marlon Byrd and Alfonso Soriano. Walks coming from Mike Fontenot and Koyie Hill loaded the bases for the Cubs. With the Bases loaded and Ryan Theriot coming up to bat the least thing the Cubs want to happen is a double play, Theriot catches Astros First baseman, Pedro Feliz sleeping and lays down a text book push-bunt down the first base line giving the cubs the lead 3-2. Fukudome steps to the plate and brings in another run with a sacrifice fly into center field pushing the lead to two. Derrek Lee would not settle for a two run lead late in the game. Lee broke the game wide open with a three-run bomb to left off Jeff Fulchino putting the Cubs up 7-2 at the end of the seventh. The Cubs went on to win 7-2. Cubs starter Carlos Silva had yet another great performance on the mound. Silva allowed two unearned runs on five hits, Silva also struck-out five Astro batters. Silva has only given up one earned run in 13 innings during his last two starts. The Cubs now at 5-5 move to 2nd in the Central division chasing the Cardinals at 6-3. Chicago starting off 0-2 this season is looking to improve tomorrow to 6-5 against the Astros at 1:20c. The game will be televised on WGN and also MLB.TV.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nascar To Think About Change Of Four Car Rule Due To Kahne

I am with Duane Cross on this topic. Kasey Kahne is really bringing some thought on a rule change and the change of the "Four Car" rule, a rule that states each team can only have a maximum of 4 cars. Alot of news talk has Kahne maybe driving for Stewart-Haus next year. Stewart has really gained alot of respect over the years in NASCAR and yes all of Stewart-Haus motors and Equipment are from Hendricks Motorsports. Hendricks and Stewart-Haus do have an alliance, but isn't that a little bit of a joke, this isn't Survivor or Real World v. Road Rules Challenge. We as fans don't want to see two teams helping eachother, we want to see competition. The way this should be looked at is if Kahne does run for Stewart-Haus next year and his statistics go up along with Sponsership and bringing money to Stewart-Haus, don't you kind of think Stewart would want Kahne to stay with the team and sure if Kahne is winning he's not going to want to leave a winning team. It's like if it isn't broken dont fix it, that's the way Kahne would have to look at it, so alliance or not this is going to bring further drama into NASCAR for the 2011 and 2012 season. As for now NASCAR is keeping the fans and press guessing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Team For Kasey Kahne In 2011

Kasey Kahne of Richard Petty Motorsports has signed a deal to be a new addition to Hendricks motorsports for the 2011 Sprint Cup Series season. There is no word of which car he will drive, but speculations have him seated in the 5 car that Mark Martin is currently driving. Marks contract has him driving the 5 car through the 2011 season which is why its unclear what car he will take over. Hendricks Motorsports doesn't have any other cars available, but note that the organization has had as many as 5 cars lined up for one season. Hendricks could get permission from Nascar to add a 5th car to the 2011 season giving Mark Martin his final season on his contract with Hendricks. This would also come to the advantage of Kahne, having 4 of the best teammates in Nascar (J. Gordon, J. Johnson, Earnhardt Jr., M. Martin), This would help for him to get the support of Martin and the respect of Jr., Johnson and Gordon. Kahne has driven the 9 car since he entered the series back in 2004 and maybe this change could help him further his career. All of Nascar and the Fans of Nascar will be looking forward to seeing Kasey Kahne Drive for Hendricks in 2011 along with the other Hendricks drivers. The 2011 season will be a good one for Nascar.